Isis and the fine art of passive resistance

September 5th

This morning I was again greeted with delighted wags and a lick or two – after Jo had woken me up. But this time Little Hairy didn’t immediately trot outside. For the first time she waited by the treats cupboard before dancing off into the garden to devour her Dentistix.

Tonight, Jo comes for his first walk with us.

Earlier this week, when Isis began her park adventures, it was dull, deep grey.  Tonight the sun is bright and casts deep shadows.

Once lifted out of the car, Isis sits, then lies on the car-park. There follow many other ‘no-go’ areas and long waits.

When Jo runs with her on the grass, she seems to enjoy herself but is hyper, launching herself in different directions.

When the sun pops out, she is very startled and immediately flattens herself. G comments that this is a sign that she has an instinct for self-preservation.

Looming shapes, especially those with the sun behind them, terrify her as do nasty plants which stretch limbs across her path.

After scary encounters, she remains rooted to the spot for minutes, refusing to move. She can’t be tempted forwards by treats which she snatches and eats before flattening herself again.

Jo and I try to imagine what it must be like to perceive what she perceives. We conclude that she is a very brave little creature.

Each night, I move her bed a little further from the back door.

Now, in the morning, she takes the bed, bed pad and fleece out onto the lawn.












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