blog blunders and black shadows

September 6th 2014

And what a day! It is now 12.30 a.m. and I have spent hours attempting to access this blog. Because I have not yet published any posts (since I have also forgotten how to organize photo files) the blog, of course, doesn’t come up on Google.

I have just remembered that you have to put the blog address in the address bar not Google it.

What an idiot. What a relief!

This morning Jo walked her round the park and she happily led him off for excited little detours, following smells.

Trouble struck at the bottom bowling green! The sun was out and scary shadows stopped her in her tracks. Other dogs were afraid of the Tai’chi group’s clicking and whooshing fans. Not Isis: she is immune to the sounds. But black shadows from the overhanging trees spook her. She remained rooted to the spot, and it took all our efforts of persuasion to move her on.

Today’s landmark moments?

1. G has been gently offering her his hand to sniff for six days. In the park tonight, she wagged at him and licked his hand.

2. Later, in the garden when I tickled her toes with a tugger, she grabbed it and ran off!




First attempt to play with a toy. Well done, little dog.

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