boss puts her foot down

September 8th

The sun is bright again today and low in the sky.

Isis heads for a gap in the hedge, exits the car park and happily explores the shrubbery. But when I attempt to join the other dog walkers, she refuses to move.

We have established who is boss: Isis.

Too late, I recognize what I have taught her: ‘Say “no” and I’ll get what I want.’

We battle for thirty minutes, I determined to walk on with Isis at left heel and Isis determined to return to the car park, no heel.

Eventually – and with the help of a loud, sharp bark from May the border collie – we begin to move where I want to go.

We complete a half circuit of the park. It takes us an hour and a half.

But I am determined: I won’t pull her and she won’t pull me. If it takes half an hour for her to move forward, so be it.

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