twirling again

The polymath has done more research. She has read that ‘circling’ is common in deaf/blind dogs and may be the dog’s way of re-orientating him/herself by gathering as much sensory information as possible from all directions.

Hmmm. Possible.

Jo and I have been encouragingzIsis to get out of the car herself. We hold treats just out of her reach. But she’s no fool. Often, she grabs the treat and then sits back down on the rear seat.

When the door is opened she stands close to the exit sniffing. We assume she is just nervous. How dim  humans are. But tonight Jo recognizes that she is gathering information to keep herself safe. Of course – she’s gauging the distance from the sill to the ground.

Once more I lift her slowly down from the seat and set her on the pavement.

“She’ll do it herself in about two weeks”, says Jo. I agree.



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