it’s very dangerous out there

Isis. Isis. What shall we do with you?

Yesterday you walked gaily out of the front door and enjoyed an hour and a half long road walk. True, you were still reluctant to venture into the back garden without your lead with me on the end. And in the evening even though we parked in a side road to avoid the car park, you didn’t want to enter Kings Heath park and we had to return home.

This morning the sun is bright. I open the front door. No way is Isis leaving the safety of the hall. I must be mad. I carry her into the back garden which is shady. She is not keen to linger.

Later, she is enticed out by a trail of liver fizzlers. It is a hard call for Isis who is very food orientated. But she forces herself!


She stares anxiously at the sky…….


……..or slinks along the lawn.

As soon as she’s found the treats she dashes back into the house.


By three the sky is quite overcast. Isis jumps into the car – a safe place – and we head for Highbury park.

As before, I open the door and wait. After about five minutes, Isis gets out. She is uneasy, peering up nervously at the nearby trees. Slowly she ventures to the edge of the field, defecates, then hurriedly returns to the car. She has been out for barely ten minutes.

Again I leave the door open. And wait. Ten minutes later she leaves the car again and very gingerly makes her way towards the grass. But she has been too rash, she thinks, and after a few minutes jumps back into the car. This time she lies down with her back to the door. OK Isis.






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