the terrible twos: problems with a Dentistix

Isis learns very quickly so it is easy for me to train her to do things which I do not want her to do.

I should have learned from a very early incident. During her first week with me I had given the Hairy One a Dentistix to take outside with her each morning. She soon picked up the routine. One eats one’s Dentistix then one has a pee.

But since the treat is supposed to help clean dogs’ teeth, it is more sensible to give your dog one at bed time.

The next morning Isis is pleased with her tripe stick. The changeover was easy. That night I present her with her Dentistix. She eats it. Then she pees on the doormat. Yes, I see. That makes sense.

The Dentistix are the ones for large dogs. I bought them in error. We are running low, so I decide to give her half a one, thinking she will not know the difference. Silly me. She barks accusingly and insistently. I relent and give her the other half.

The next evening she receives a whole (large) one. I settle on the futon. Loud demanding barks echo from the kitchen. I rush in and suggest to her that barking at 1.00 a.m. is not OK. She persists. I worry about the neighbours.

The same thing happens the following night. And the one after that. She barks. I worry. What fun  for a dog!

She has also taken to barking when I am eating an evening meal, particularly when she has not succeeded in snatching a bit from the plate.

Hmmm. Time for a bit of serious thinking.





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