we walk again …


Isis is very food orientated so it seems sensible to use this to advantage.

She has been reluctant to leave the safety of the kitchen. Thus, on Monday when she is taken into the back garden she discovers treats placed strategically along the pee route. By Wednesday she tears outside as soon as I put her lead on. Good.

Following the recent park debacles, I decide that in future I will reward her with a treat every time she emerges from the car in the park.

The sky is dull grey. It’s raining. Not a shred of sun in sight. I set out optimistically to Kings Heath Park and stop the car in a different area from usual.

Following the new plan, I open Isis’s door and lean against the car. Within a minute or two she emerges. And is rewarded with a treat. We don’t get far, but never mind. Back in car.

Next time out she recognises J and B’s car. J always gives her treats. She circles around the car sniffing intently for about twenty minutes. J arrives. When the treats stop, she returns to our car and waits to get in. She sits inside for another five minutes before getting out again and walking round the space where J’s car has been. Then she returns.

We set off for Highbury Park. By now she has twigged that a treat materialises when  she gets out of the car. She begins popping in and out quite merrily.

After thirty minutes we return home. Hmmm. Not much walking but at least her tail has been up all the time.

Back at home she is not, of course, tired. She is bored and keen to play. She gnaws the bits of Boss she can reach and twirls in the hall snapping thought-flies.

Later, we do a road walk.


Isis Oct 29th, Oct 30th 002


Then she rests angelically on the futon conserving her energy, no doubt, for a good loud bark or two when she thinks her bedtime treat is due.



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