slowly, slowly catchee monkey…….


This morning we repeat yesterday’s itinerary. Will we get Isis walking in ‘her’ park today? Will she emerge from the car, eager to explore?


I take photos of her would-be-friends, instead.

There’s the noble Pyrenean Conchobhar (pronounced ‘Connar’) sometimes referred to disrespectfully as ‘Con’ by his mates.


Isis Oct 29th, Oct 30th 009


Then there are the lively labradoodles Nancy and Rufus who love everyone and whose greetings are never subdued.


Isis Oct 29th, Oct 30th 006


But Isis has been ignored and when I return to the car she jumps out quite quickly. Today she does more than just circle the parked cars. She explores the fringe of the shrubbery too. She stays out of the car for about twenty minutes. Good.

Off we go to Highbury park. Door open for Isis, I wait.


And wait


Isis Oct 29th, Oct 30th 011

And wait.

Then, after thirty minutes, just as I’m thinking of calling it a day, Isis decides to emerge. This time she is not awarded her treat until she is several feet from the car. And this time she explores a little more widely. Better still she sniffs around for about thirty minutes.

OK Isis, let’s stick to this plan.




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