the perfect walk


Sunday November 16th

We have a perfect walk in Highbury Park. Isis takes the initiative. She jumps eagerly from the car. She leaves the car park, crosses the path and ventures onto the grass.

Isis, I could hug you!

Cautious but curious, she begins to snuffle among the wet leaves. As she picks up scents, her tail proceeds through its gears from excited to ecstatic.

You amazing little animal!

The day is dull. No sunlight, so no shadows.

Every now and then as she walks beneath a large tree, she flinches and gazes upwards, looking worried. I guess that she has suddenly become aware of the huge shape towering over her. I tell her as I always do that the tree won’t chase her or fall on her.

Yes, people do sometimes give me funny looks.

Isis decides for herself that danger has passed and resumes her exploration.

When the scents are particularly inspiring, she shoots off after them pulling me behind her.

Fortunately I have my walking boots on and we manage to avoid the deepest puddles. Ji.  has on only his working shoes and he squelches round the leakiest spots.

Isis has a wonderful time. We walk for over an hour and all return home very happy.



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4 Responses to the perfect walk

  1. Loll says:

    Lovely x


  2. Yes, it was worth waiting for Loll. Pat x


  3. Garry says:

    Great news Pat. A reward for your love and patience.


  4. Thanks Garry. Yes, it was good watching her enjoying herself.


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