a trip with Isis


Off to RSPCA Newbrook Farm again yesterday for a check-up. The sun is glaring at the front door. Isis tries to hide and has to be carried to the car. Once at Newbrook she will only walk in the shaded areas.

Despite having had her anal glands emptied last week, Isis is completely unphased. (My last little dog didn’t forgive the vet for months.)

The pad is healing well and the nail looks healthy too. No more visits necessary. Still need to soak the foot in Hibiscrub twice a day though. That’s fun.

As we wait for the prescription, Isis explores the reception area with great interest. For the first time she actually approaches another dog. Her hello sniff is very fleeting but it is a greeting. We set off down the drive for a walk.

Isis always seems most interested in places she’s not been to before. She shoots off down a mudbath of a footpath, scrabbling and sploshing nonchalantly through the puddles.

We find a new path back to the road but the exit is blocked by tall metal gates and we have to exit via a very wobbly fence. Isis merrily ducks under the fence and I begin to climb over it. I  keep a watchful eye on frisky Podengo who may dive off at any moment. Her special stretchy lead is firmly attached to a belt which is firmly attached to me.

Inevitably, as I plant my leading foot on her side of the fence, Isis jolts forward, the fence follows her and I am dumped among the very wet undergrowth with one leg still straddling the fence.

19-11-14 experimental drawing 2 004

Thanks Isis.

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