I’ll go my way …..



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But I prefer to go this way.

But I prefer to go this way.


I love her expression on this photo. As we walk along one of the paths in Kings Heath Park, the sun pops out rather too brightly for Isis.  Suddenly, she vaults over the fence into dense undergrowth. “No, Isis,” I intone reasonably, “we can’t get through there”.  She disagrees. She’s right. It is possible. As long as I bend double into semi-crawl mode.



Sad news in the park today. Poor little Gnasher who appeared here in the post ‘P.S. Meet Gnasher’ on March 13th died in Kings Heath Park at the weekend.

Little Gnasher with Conchobhar.

Tiny  Gnasher with Conchobhar.


Gnasher liked to play with everyone and was enjoying a game with a friendly staffie. Apparently there was no aggression, poor Gnasher just got crushed while they were playing.

It just reminds you how fragile these little dogs are.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.com

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6 Responses to I’ll go my way …..

  1. Janete West says:

    We are all so upset about lovely Gnasher who was such a beautiful little soul, so full of fun and life. We will miss him so much, R.I.P. Love, Janete west, xx


  2. AmberL says:

    Oh my gosh, how awful! I’m so dreadfully sorry to hear about this 😦 Godspeed, Gnasher…


    • Yes, I can’t imagine what his owner feels. Gnasher was only a pup. He had been rehomed and was enjoying his freedom with his new owner. The staffy’s owner must feel dreadful too.


  3. Yes, we will. He was such a happy, lively little dog. it was a horrible thing to happen.


  4. Rebecca bourbage says:

    Ive only just seen this not been able to look at things about gnasher since the dog turned around and grabbed him in his mouth. But since hearing about Connor its got mw thinking of how good Connor was with my gnasher and with sky. I hope gnasher ant being to much of a pain to connor I doggy heaven. Rest in peace to them both and nice to read some lovely comments about my gnasher. Wish I had got a photo of Connor and sky too. Rip to both. Pat ive been thinking about doing a charity fun day for dogs to raise money for the dogs home and for akita welfare trust do you think we can get enough people interested. I would really like to do in name of the dogs we knew who died as even though they weren’t our dogs we still have love for them like our own dogs


    • Yes, he was always very sweet with puppies and little dogs and tolerated being jumped on and licked. What a nice thought to raise money for the dogs home. Sara does a lot of fund raising for Akita rescue and there might be something going on that other people could join in.


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