brooms and jellyfish





On Sunday we leave St. in charge of the house and drive down to Wales. Isis has a few grumpy growls on the way but none turn into rages.

When we arrive at the front door she is anxious, refusing to enter the house, and has to be lured inside with a treat. Friend thinks she can smell all the men who have been working there and their pet scented clothing. Or could it be Feline Fiend who waits in the wings and stares at her thoughtfully?

Later, a very enthusiastic Isis drags me off to the beach at full speed, almost falling over herself in her desperation to reach the sea.

When we make our way to the beach again next morning I am wearing my elasticated dog running belt to which is attached a thirty foot long lead. And at the other end of the lead is the Hairy One raring to go. Now she can run almost as far as the other dogs can. And boy, does she love it! In and out of the waves she dashes, tail as high as it will go, dodging and dancing.

Then she meets a jellyfish. She pulls herself up sharply, legs stiff. She jumps back on all four feet, then creeps forward gingerly, nose twitching. When her nose almost touches the jellyfish, she retreats again.

There are lots of jellyfish sliding back and forth on the outgoing sea. Each one she meets is investigated in the same manner. When the receding waves toss heaps of foam in front of her, she sniffs it suspiciously but quickly differentiating between it and the menacing jellyfish, scrapes at the foam with an inquisitive paw.

When we reach home after a full on hour battling the waves, I hose the sandy creature down. She’s not that keen but she’s not horrified either.

She eats and zonks out for a couple of hours. 😇

Then she wakes up ready for action. Shriek from the kitchen from A. who is visiting. Isis has found aggregate bagged up and left in the kitchen by a workman. She is busy digging it out onto the kitchen floor. A clean up is required.

Next she starts on the old vinyl floor. Surely it needs taking up? Then she comes across the workmens’ broom. Friend and I decide that she can’t do much harm to that. Foolish people. Ten minutes and a shower room floor full of detached bristles later we change our minds.

Isis seems to be enjoying her first full day in Wales.


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