things that go grrrrrrrrrrarghgrrrrrrrrrrah in the night



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First, I apologise to any poor soul who attempted to read Monday’s post during the first half hour it was put up. The paragraphs were in the wrong order and there were one or two other strange errors.

In my defence, I was posting on a Hudl for first time. I hope I do better today.




I think I’m a fairly reasonable person most of the time. Isis doesn’t have an off the floor bed in Wales. She has to share a single  – a day bed – with me. That’s O.K. So far, so good. And since she retires earlier than I do, she claims her spot first. Fair enough. And, naturally, she chooses to stretch out in the middle of the bed. Not a problem, one would think.

But when I claim my space, wriggling carefully between the sheets, the trouble starts. “Grrrrrrrrrrr”, goes the one on top crossly. Each inch stolen is challenged with an irritated growl.

A naturally restless person, I try very hard to restrain myself and keep reasonably still. So far, once I’ve fought my way into the communal nest, the rest of the night has passed reasonably peacefully.

Last night, however, is different. It’s about 1.00 a.m. and as I drift into sleep, I turn over. Isis, who must have been fast asleep, shrieks in alarm and then flies into a rage, spinning around the bed, growling, snapping and snarling. The hullabaloo goes on and on. Gentle pats from her bedfellow have no effect on her at all. Eventually, still protesting, she half slides, is half pushed off the bed and onto the carpet.

Friend, whom I am told once slept through a level 5 earthquake in San Fransisco, calls anxiously down the stairs.

” Is she all right?  Are you all right?”

We are. Although Isis continues to raise merry hell, she has not bitten herself. Gradually, she subsides. Half an hour later she is lying beside the bed looking sorry for herself. I do a ‘Come with me’ face tap and she returns to the nest.

When, some time later, she steps over me to the other side of the bed, I do not growl, snap or snarl.



Naughty little Isis came from the Aeza rescue centre in Aljezur, Portugal.








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  1. Toimintaa täynnä toivottavia kuvia ja ääniä , jotka tuottavatpeli
    elossa ja varmista, että se on niin hiljaa kuin voit todellinen asia .


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