how could she?



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Sunday September 6th 2015


Today it is bright and sunny, so no Highbury Park. No park at all, just a lovely long day running about playing in the back garden. Whoopee! Lovely. I can do what I like while she works in the front garden. The grass is almost a foot high again. And she’s having to cut it with the shears again. That’s at least the third time this year. It appears that humans never learn.

I’m enjoying myself but is it legal to leave a dog by itself for hours on end? I think not. True, she does check up on me every half hour or so. When I smell B. next door and do shrieky  greetings over the fence she rushes to see what’s the matter. When I get wind of a prowling cat and bark to let everyone know, back she rushes again. And when I let out a loud squeak. Can’t remember why I did that but it was very important, obviously.

Then she’s talking to the neighbour at the front when I really need her help. Well, you do expect an instant response to a poor dumb animal in distress, don’t you. To be fair, she does come in rather hastily. Ah, she cares!

“What’s the matter, Isis?”, she asks stupidly  – anyone with half a wit can see perfectly clearly what’s the matter. Anyway, I don’t split hairs. Now is not the time. I stand and face her so that she can take in the full seriousness of my predicament.


I need help.

I need help.



I can’t believe it. I can feel her grinning at me. Quite clearly she is misunderstanding the situation. I raise my head with a devoted expression and lift my little paw pathetically.




I really , really, need help. And a biscuit.

I really , really, need help. And a biscuit.



This always elicits deep sympathy. I’ll probably have to tolerate a little cuddle but I’ll almost certainly get a treat afterwards.

Yes, she’s striding towards me, hand outstretched.

But no. You’re not going to believe this, you dog lovers. You caring people. The people I should be living with.

She walks right past me and returns with her camera  ……………………………………………



and she takes a photo.

and she takes a photo.




Words cannot express the way I feel.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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2 Responses to how could she?

  1. Amber L says:

    Bwahahahahaha!! What IS that?!


    • I like the ‘Bwahahahaha!’ We don’t have it here but I think I might adopt it – very expressive.
      What the silly creature is adorned with is one end of a plastic mesh vegetable rack basket which she unearthed when I dismantled the shed. As you can see it is smothered in mud. She has chewed through the mesh and popped out the other side, I imagine!


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