what a good dog!



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Wednesday September 9th 2015


Glancing from the back room window today I see that Isis is preparing another necklace.





No doubt she will try it on soon. She does. As I watch, she pokes her head through the hole. And withdraws it. Perhaps she has learned her lesson. Though I doubt it.

Next time I check on her she is standing still on the ex-lawn pawing miserably at her mouth. Oh dear. Another stick. This protrudes from her mouth at a jaunty angle, as though she is smoking a pipe. I place my hand on her side sympathetically and ask her to open her mouth. She does but looks very worried. This stick has bent into a ‘v’ shape and the other end is jammed between two of her teeth. I tug it and it comes out quite easily.

I am rewarded with vigorous tail wagging. I am charmed. She always hops off gaily as soon as I have removed one of her stuck sticks. This is the first time that she has paused to communicate pleasure. Aw!

Over the last few days I have noticed that she is looking a bit dingy around the back end. This afternoon I decide to take the plunge. Having laid out the grooming stuff and covered part of the plastic garden table with a towel I pick her up and place her on the table. After a few introductory brushes on her neck I lift her tail and tackle the no-go area. I snip off a few dirty mats from between her legs and brush out her hair with a small, soft brush. I groom the inside of her back legs very thoroughly and, finally, let her sit. Obligingly, she  spreads her magnificent tail out on the towel. Dare I? Yes. I brush her tail once, twice, three times along its length.

From beginning to end of the grooming, she stands, then sits like a little dog statue. She utters not even the minutest suggestion of a growl. When I place her back on the ground she enjoys a treat. She looks perfectly composed and has not shown any sign of annoyance since.

I recall the not so distant times when she snarled and growled and grabbed the brush whenever I attempted to groom her.

What a good dog, Isis.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact kerry@aeza.org or  www.dogwatchuk.co.uk

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