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Wednesday January 3rd 2018.


Adopted Niece has been around quite a lot lately. I smell her scent coming in and going out of the front door, then I bump into stuff in the hall. It smells of her.

I wag.

I like it when she comes. She’s a carnivore like me. Mouth watering smells come from the kitchen. Slurp. I know I’ll get some. Not yet though. Sigh. A dog has to wait.

But there’s another scent. This one I don’t wag at. It’s cat. I can smell her up at the top of the stairs. She’ll be sniffing and yowling, no doubt, wanting whatever’s delicious in the kitchen.






It’s Saturday. Human seems to be going in and out to the dustbin rather a lot and puffing and ouching in the kitchen. Seems like she’s clearing things away. Somebody must be coming to the house.

She directs me into the porch. We’re on our way out to the front garden for a pee. Well, I am – she’ll just stand on the lawn with my long lead round her waist.


There’s a horrible stench in the porch. It nearly knocks me out. It’s coming from two paper bags on the floor. It’s her upstairs, she who thinks she’s well groomed and very, very clean, far superior to a smelly dog.

I don’t inhale. I sniff very delicately, wrinkling my nose which bounces away from the bags in disgust.

Waff!  Yerk!

Then the low hum of Human’s voice begins. The silly b. often launches into long, boring sermons.

“Yes, dear, it is rather unpleasant, but kitty can’t go outside or for walks like you. She has to have a tray. She’s really a very clean little animal. She doesn’t come in from the garden on a wet night with muddy feet, unspeakable bits hanging off her tail and a slug dangling from her undercarriage.”

I’ve no idea what she’s on about, of course, but I stand still and humour her.

When I come back inside, there’s still a strong whiff in the porch but then, the deliciousness from the kitchen almost makes me swoon.

I was right. Someone is coming. Soon I can smell Adopted Niece. Soon she eats. I lie on the rug whiffling my nose. I am a very polite dog now that I get enough to eat, and I never beg.

But when Human goes into the kitchen, I hurry after her. There’s a sharp, loud ‘ting’. It’s my dish.



Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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4 Responses to smells

  1. Amber Lipari says:

    Lovely to have visitors, even those of the feline variety – but don’t over exert yourself! Loved ones overlook a bit of dust 🙂


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