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Wednesday August 21st 2019


How we humans suffer when we leave our pets in kennels and catteries, however good the establishments are. And how exciting it is to go to fetch them home.

Isis has always done very well at Hollytrees. They know her there, and understand her needs. She shows no signs of trauma, thank goodness.

Previous dog Ellie was only left in kennels twice. The first time she was about six months old, sociable, friendly and playful. Her stay was only for two nights and she had sensible companion Rush, my border collie, in the pen next door.

When we returned to collect the dogs, we were told that Rush had been fine but Ellie had been impossible. She had hardly eaten, and growled and snarled ferociously when anyone passed her run, let alone attempted to open its door.

I was asked if I’d mind collecting her from her run myself. When I approached her quarters, she burst into a paroxysm of rage, barking, growling, and snarling. As soon as she recognised me, of course, she flung herself at me with joyful little cries and delighted wriggles.

The second time she was left, it was for a week. This time, the lady in charge spent a long time getting to know her, there was a huge run and and time out each day with other dogs. On this occasion, she was a calm and responsive guest, but noticeably anxious for a while afterwards.

One of my previous cats, Mini, hated boarding. She always refused to leave the cat carrier except to use her tray. She was fed in the carrier, and at bed time the staff would put the carrier, with Mini in it, into her sleeping quarters. In the morning the carrier, plus its incumbent, was lifted out again.

Back at home, for at least a week, sometimes longer, Mini refused to interact with her humans. She sat close by on the back of the sofa, but faced the wall. No amount of cajoling would entice her to turn round.

Dog Rush once hid in the driver’s foot-well while I waited for someone to open the gate at Hollytrees.

Little Isis never complains when I take her there. When T. takes her away, Hairy One waits for me to follow. But when T. leads her on, she just looks sad, sort of resigned, and walks away.  She is very well cared for, and understands the layout of the bedroom and run. She is always very well looked after, and emerges looking healthy and smelling nice.

In the past, she showed no emotion when I fetched her, just wagged her tail a little when she recognised her house.

The last few times she’s been very pleased to see me.

Last Tuesday, she realised that I had come to fetch her as soon as she was led onto the bottom of the yard. She tugged at her lead eagerly as she came towards me.

And I got two pink and black spotted nose nuzzles around my eyes.




It’s so good to be back in the park.





Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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  1. It is. Even though I know she’ll be well looked after, I feel such a heel.


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