Tuesday 22nd September

Hello everyone. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Isis barked until 2.30 this morning, then just as I’d gathered my sleeping downstairs stuff together, she stopped.

She’s much calmer today & no longer snarling and growling but she still refuses to go outside. She just wants to squash herself as close to me as she can get – not like herself at all. But she is eating & drinking.

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4 Responses to Tuesday 22nd September

  1. Ian Simkin says:

    As long as she’s eating & drinking I think you can relax a little, & her refusal to go out may just be because she’s exhausted after the last few days. Try & let yourself take a breath as well, sounds like you’re over the worst of it. Chin up kiddo, & thanks for the update πŸ™‚


    • You’re right, Ian. We are both much more relaxed now. We both had a good night’s sleep last night. She’s sleeping peacefully on her own just now. Phew! If they only knew how we worry about them !


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    Poor darling thing 😦 Glad she’s a bit less distressed.


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