Isis bulletin 2

Friday 25th 2020

Hello there. Isis is making a good recovery.

Yesterday she was keen to go for a road walk – her first walk since Sunday – and today she had a good time in Highbury.


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6 Responses to Isis bulletin 2

  1. Isabel T. Motta says:

    Ohhh good news, I’m so concerned with this sweet girl 🌻 Thank you Pat for all you’re doing for Isis. Love isabel

    > No dia 25/09/2020, às 19:36, Isis, my blind/deaf dog escreveu: > >  >


  2. Ian Simkin says:

    Good news – hope her recovery is swift – you too x


  3. Amber Lipari says:

    Thank heavens! So worrisome. My Daisy has been much distressed by allergies lately, too – she was biting out bare patches on her thighs, and constantly scratching herself all over, and until her poor ears were almost bare. I just took her in for a shot, and she is much better…


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