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Sunday March 7th 2021


I can’t tell you what an amazing Monday I had. Not properly, because I’m a dog and it’s too hard for me to write really exciting stuff. So I’ll tell you what we were doing and I’ll show you the really amazing bits.

On Monday I went with the doodles to a lovely walking place. They’ve been there lots of times but I’ve not been before.

It’s always scary to get out of the car because Rufus rushes up and biffs me with his nose. Nancy doesn’t biff me but I can smell she’s there as well, so that’s a lot of dog smell all at once.  If I can smell them waiting at the car door, I refuse to get out, so Bev tries to hold them back until I’m outside and I can turn away. I do like my friends, but Rufus has a very hard muzzle.

Gosh, this is frightening. First I back into a big muddy puddle because Rufus keeps poking his nose into my face. Then I have to walk through a funny gate. I have to go in, and stand still while Human moves me to face the opposite way. Then she pushes a gate against my side, and makes me walk out into a big, strange space.

There are thousands of scents there.

Then she takes off my lead.

I’m terrified.

I screw myself up to make myself smaller. I don’t move. Then there are human voice vibrations. It’s Bev. I hope she’s telling Human off for leaving me on my own in a strange place. I hope she shouts at Human. I don’t know, but, anyway, she comes back and puts me on my lead.

That’s a relief.

Rufus and Nancy run off. They’re happy. They know where to go. I walk very carefully, very slowly.

I’ve never found so many new smells all at once. I can’t imagine whose scents they all are. I forget to be frightened. I feel my tail pop up. I sniff and sniff and sniff.

After a long time, Human takes my lead off again. She leaves my harness on, though. So she can grab me if I fall off something, I suppose.









I keep checking that Bev and Human are still there. Sometimes Bev pats me. That’s very nice. But I still have to check on Human. Now Nancy and Rufus are close by as well. Everybody waits for me. They let me sniff as long as I want to. If a scent calls Rufus away, he always comes to check on me when he gets back.

This is good place. I like it.

Sometimes we have to cross over water. We walk on wooden planks. I can smell the water underneath me. I fell off some planks not long ago, so now I’m a bit scared. I don’t really want to step onto them but Human makes me so I walk by her leg.

We walk a long way, and the long way is full of the most exciting smells you could ever imagine. I’m having to pee on the path and on the bottom of the trees so whoever checks knows I’ve been here. I don’t pee in people’s nests, though. I shove my nose down all sizes of mossy holes and huffle and snuffle and snort to follow the lovely smells. But I pee outside. I’m a polite dog.

Just as it feels like a walk couldn’t be more wonderful, we come to a big, flat space with hardly any trees.

Hmmmm. It smells different here.

What’s this. I smell something amazing. Something I can’t ever remember smelling before.















Oooooooooooooooooo! It’s getting nearer and nearer and nearer.






It’s a bush. A very special bush.

It’s amazing. It’s all springy and tickly and when I jump on top on it, I spring off again.





And there’s not just one – there’s lots of them. And they are all springy and tickly and bouncy.

I dance and dance.





And I run and run and run.



















*Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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4 Responses to ecstasy!

  1. Ian Simkin says:

    Cool place then, huh?……. 🙂


  2. What a wonderful post. It’s so good to see Isis enjoying herself so.


    • Thank you Val. It was wonderful to watch her.
      I wonder what it is about some smells & sensations that she finds so exhilarating.
      Your little dog has a very sweet face. What’s his/her name?


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