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A post should appear each Sunday!


We’ve had a lovely week, Human and me. It’s rained nearly every day.

Last Sunday when we first get to Highbury though, Human bullies me. She makes me walk up to the little path which goes from right near where we drive into the park up to the little hills where I used to play round the big holly tree. I don’t do that anymore. Now I’m a groan up, sefisticated dog and I don’t run round trees any more. I don’t play with hedges any more eyether. If it’s a dry day I consentrate on the sents.

Human likes me to run around and get lots of exersize. Silly Human. I’m not a pup any more. I have a very, very descrimernating nose. She so doesn’t understand how much infermashon there is in one drop of someone else’s pee, or where they’ve put their swetty feet, or where their fur has touched the leafs as they ran past, or where they’ve sneezed on a twig.

We go to Highbury again the next day. This time there’s a bit of sun witch I don’t like. We don’t get out of the car in the car park like yesterday. We get out in the road under the trees and go past the house where the park man lives. He’s at home. I can smell him. He’s got a big hairy dog. But she’s all right. She doesn’t bark at you or sniff your bottom.

Human lets me choose where I want to go, so I walk all round the shrubberry. I sniff and sniff and sniff for ages. That was very good. Then I walk to those big pine trees I used to play in for hours when I was an unserfisticated pup. Today, of coarse, I just visit them for old time’s sake. I think silly Human ecspects me to run round and round them like I used to. She can be very rediculus. I just want a sniff or two. Nothing intresting there, so I strol in a dignifide way over to my speshul place in the tall plants, past the old half chopped down oak tree.

Usyerly she puts me on the lead and takes me away from my speshul place or she runs in frunt of me and stops me going there, but she lets me today. Dog knows why. She’s not a logicle  person.







Anyway, today she lets me go where I want so I lie in the water in my speshul place. I can feel the water along the back of my legs and all underneath me. It’s lovely.

The next day it’s dry when we leave home. Disserpointing. But when I smell Highbury Park through the window, it’s raining. How ecsiting. We don’t stop there thow, we go to Holder’s Lane.

It’s poring. It’s wonderful. I’m so ecsited I can’t keep still. Human will be able to feel the lovely rain too. She left her coat at home.

We go to Cannon Hill. I can’t tell you what an amazing time we have. I trot, and bownce and twirl and dance and dance and dance.

We go all the way round the big lake and back through the woods. I don’t have to go on my lead at all. I only smell four peepul in all of the park. Funny, isn’t it. Perhaps they’re still in bed.

When we get back to the car, she raps me up in my drying thing and pats me all over. Then I have a drink.

When we get home, she takes all of her clothes off and drops them on the floor. Then I get dried again before I have a rest.

On Wensday it’s raining so when we go out of the gate, I pull her so quickly down the road she nearly trips up. Something very rude buzzes in my ear and she makes me slow down and walk next to her.

How silly. One day she wants me to run fast and get ecsersize, another day she makes me walk slowly.

Anyway, the smells are great. It’s a long time sinse we walked to Kings Heath Park and you wouldn’t beleeve how many dogs have peed on the pavement or how many kitties and foxes and squirrels have jumped on the walls.

It’s nice and wet so we have a very good time. We always have an argument when it’s time to go home thow. I keep pulling Human towards the car park so we can ride home in the car, but she keeps grumbling and hissing down my ears and poking me when I sit down. She always makes me walk home.

Still, the rain comes again when we leave the park so that cheers me up.

On Thursday it’s raining again so we wander all over Highbury Park, just enjoying getting wet.

And on Friday I have a lovely serprize. We go to Clowes Woods and it’s poring with rain. I can’t lift my tail high enuff to show how pleesed I am.

Soon, my tail goes down again because Rufus rushes up and bashes me in the face. It hurts. But I can’t snap at him because he’s my frend and he loves me.

Thank Dog, he goes off again with Nancy and leaves me to sniff. And how I sniff and sniff and sniff. Often I stand in the same place for ages. I think the Humans want me to hurry up, but I pretend I don’t notis and keep on sniffing.







It’s just wonderful to be here again. I thort I was coming last week but I think Human thort it wood be too muddy. I bet it wasn’t. Today it’s just perfect.

Only one thing annoys me and Rufus and Nancy. When we walk a long way by the side of the lakes, we suddenly came to a fence. And it’s very strong. Even I can’t get throo. What a cheek.




Photo by Bev Dakin




It’s a brillient walk, thow, and on the way back when we come to a clearing, I have to do a rain dance to celerbrate.

The next day is Saterday, I think. And it’s raining again!!!!! Oh joy!

Human takes us to Holder’s Lane but this time we go the other way. At the start, I’m fed up becorz she makes me walk down past the boring car park. She won’t let me go up to the woods until I’ve done two poos and she’s put them in the bin. I think that’s very unreesernable. I like doing the first two poos in the woods. I think there aren’t any bins in the woods so she has to carry the poos a very long way. How lazy can you get?

After that, today is great fun. When we get to the woods, she lets me go where I want and she follows me. I take her into a bit of the woods we’ve never been to before, and then I lead her to a very small path. I can smell the fields. We keep coming to little tracks going down to the fields. I stop and sniff them but they’re all boring.

Then I find one that goes straight down like wen you fall off something tall. It’s very, very steep and it’s muddy and slidy. I choose this one and I walk down the middle. She walks on the grass at the side. Tee-hee.

It takes us down to the cricket field, past all the people.

It starts to por down. Oh, it’s abserlootly wunderful. I want to dance on the cricket pich, but she won’t let me. I keep running on to it, and she keeps dragging me off again. I try so many times, I feel quite cross. In the end, I have to dance on the rest of the field.

It’s a lovely walk thow. We get abserlootly soked.


Isis came from Aeza cat and dog rescue in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or go to

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  1. Jane Mckears says:

    Delightful to read. Thanks for posting xx

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