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back on track

    Thursday   Two missed posts. Oh dear. What’s the excuse? Choose from these: have been somewhat overwhelmed by Hairy One’s rages; have suffered a period of extreme idleness, or “but I did clean four floors on Tuesday.” Hairy … Continue reading

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second day at school

    Saturday     We join the second group today. Julie thinks that as these dogs are more experienced and settled than the beginners it will be a calmer atmosphere for Isis. Everyone is friendly and the dogs seem … Continue reading

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getting to know you

    Friday Just as I think I understand this little dog, I learn something new. Bits of evidence click together and prove past assumptions incorrect. Or a reason emerges for ‘inexplicable’ behaviour. What once seemed very silly appears remarkably … Continue reading

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we’re learning

  Friday Waiting for her breakfast and tea have been particularly onerous for Isis these past two weeks. This is is because Human has been uncharacteristically consistent in working on the Hairy One’s manners. Always ravenous, Hairy One finds it … Continue reading

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just a quickie

  Tuesday   Isis has learned ‘sit’ and ‘down’. I begin by gently pressing her rump with two fingers of my left hand while holding a treat in my right. I say, “Sit”, very firmly just in case she might … Continue reading

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