what is she?


“What is she?”, they ask regarding Hairy One with some bemusement. Sometimes, feeling droll, I answer, “Ask her mother.”

I often gaze at her and wonder how she came about.


Isis Oct 29th, Oct 30th 010


Such enormous ears and silky hair. Such a very bright pink nose.

I would love to know her parentage. She could have Podengo in her I think. She resembles a Podengo Pequino (the smallest of the three standards) but they have long wiry hair and are considerably smaller than Isis. She is about the size of a Medio Podengo, the next one up but their hair is short and wiry.

Perhaps she has some sheepdog in her. Though her coat is softer than a sheepdog’s, almost the same in texture as a Pyrenean’s.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?




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2 Responses to what is she?

  1. Kerry says:

    This is a Podengo and is definitely a relative!


    • Thanks Kerry. That explains a lot!
      Kerry and Gr. sent me the following quote:

      “The Podengo Pequino is trained well with positive techniques and should be kept on leash at all times as they can be quite autonomous and have their own ideas about what constitutes proper behaviour. They can be remarkably silly in the home.”


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