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Sunday July 1st 2018


While I was out of action from August last year until May this year, several new dogs appeared in Kings Heath Park.

May I introduce Walt’s new little sister Florence – Flo for short?

Now, big brother Walt is the perfect gentleman: obedient, loyal, affectionate, sensible and very handsome.

These photographs were taken by their human, Ju.


I’d often admired Walt as he accompanied Ju. on their park walks.

Who wouldn’t?



One imagines he was perfectly contented as the only dog. Life was calm. Life was quiet. He had no heavy responsibilities. He could snooze in peace whenever he wanted to.

But nothing lasts forever, Walt.


Something strange has come into my calm, well-ordered life.

It’s very, very small. Oh horror of horrors – it’s not house trained.

What in dog’s name is it?

Hope it’s not visiting for long.




It’s Flo, Walt. And I’m afraid she’s not come to visit. She’s come to stay.





When she’s very little, she travels in the basket of Ju.’s scooter. You must admit, Walt, she was a very well-behaved passenger.

Now she’s more grown up she can walk around on her own.





She doesn’t stray far from sensible big brother, though.

Come on, you must admit it Walt, you’re really very fond of her. And you know she can always rely on you to protect her.

I know it’s a huge responsibility, but she’s very sweet, isn’t she?

What did you just say Walt?

Oh! O.K. I won’t put that in the blog.





This one was taken by me. Sorry Walt, I know I should have Photoshopped out the heavy shadows, but I don’t have Photoshop.

My Isis, of course, ignores both Walt and Flo. She’s not afraid of them, though, as they are both polite dogs and don’t bounce on her or sniff her in intimate zones.


Isis came from the Aeza cat and dog rescue and adoption centre in Aljezur, Portugal. For information about adopting an animal from the centre, contact or

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4 Responses to meet Walt and Flo

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great story 🙂


  2. Amber Lipari says:

    What an adorable duo! Seems to me that people often have a big/little pair like this. Actually, I do too, now! Maybe it has something to do with having big dogs for a long time, then deciding to transition to smaller ones who are easier to handle as we get older…


    • Yes, aren’t they? I found out today that when Flo first arrived and was taken into her new garden, she went to the decking and sat on it. Ju. and her husband were afraid that Walt’s nose would be put out of joint, but he just walked up and sat down next to her. He never growls at her and has always been protective.
      Yes, transitioning from big to small does seem sensible. With Isis I transitioned from smallish to just a bit bigger!


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